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T-mobile; wanna dance?

18 January, 2009

T-mobile have just launched a new campaign telling us all ‘life is for sharing’.

It’s very good. Here’s the spot.

Lovely, lovely, lovely (though being ultra picky, I probably would have had a few more shots of folk getting their phones out and ‘sharing’ with others; that’s what the campaign is about after all. Then again, I’m no director).

Now, for me, it passes one fundamental test all our work should have to pass no matter what discipline you work in- the  “so what?” test.

PR people have been asking themselves this question everytime they pick up the phone to a journalist- “Why the hell would what I’m about to suggest as a potential story to the Ooh Arh Daily Star interest their readership?” Or at a micro level, “what am I going to say to hack X that means he/she won’t think I haven’t a clue how to do my job and thus avoid losing any shred of credibility I ever had with said journo”.

This is why the bits of writing in between the ads is called ‘earned’ media.

It’s a hard question to have to ask and many a tough conversation with a client is required to explain that not everyone is going to find e.g. your latest phone launch as big a deal as you are.

Cue the story-teller.

This particular story for T-Mobile has been well thought out and brilliantly executed. A TV spot will cut through into earned media if there is something of note about it; in this case a spontaneous group of a few hundred people dancing in Liverpool st- this is not normal… (although maybe not original but what creative idea is?- that’s a whole other post though).

Saatchis also clearly are thinging about how they are going to launch, sustain and develop the conversation around each component of the activity through creating relevant content at each phase. Having a proper content plan where you can phase particular key brand milestones in is smart. (As a quick aside, and sorry to bang on about it, but this is pretty much what a PR plan looks like but never mind).

Using Ogilvy’s 5 clues to engagement today, (yep, I know which side my breads buttered!) this campaign ticks the boxes and allows the campaign to develop little sub-plots within the main “life’s for sharing” story;

The brand as Connector- facilitating/connecting the conversation around all the mental dance routines you can find on youtube through the T-Mobile youtube channel.

The brand as a Co-op- bringing together people’s passion for dance, and creating a movement in what looks like a rally cry (“Join the Dance”) in February. This is important; showing consumers you’re going to do something with their effort to engage you.

The brand as a Curator- on the T-Mobile channel, compiling and filtering some of the best, worst, funniest and wierdest dances on the net, (so I don’t have to).

The brand as a Conduit- mobilising an army of brand ambassadors; check out the youtube comments and the positive coverage already.

Following these principles enables T-mobile to really engage in a dialogue with it’s consumers and possibly making us just that little less likely to say say “So what?” and that little bit more likely to say ‘yes’ when they ask us to dance.

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  1. nickfell permalink
    9 February, 2009 3:39 pm

    Seen this?

    A copy of a copy of a copy.

    • timwhirledge permalink*
      20 February, 2009 11:32 pm

      Big time. A copy of a copy of a copy.
      I guess my point was though that it was executed brilliantly and they’ve really made the a lot of the content that was generated. I think they could have amplified the launch with a bit more traditional PR support, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?! Point is, if you’ve got a story to tell and got some great visual content, broadcast PR in particular is, or should be, a given.

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